Quick Fixes 

"Quick Fix" is a term that often comes with negative connotations. The reality is that if you do not leave your lesson feeling clear and hitting the ball much better, you have not had a good lesson! This is the case in 95% of cases, where a player needs to fix something very small in order to make their swing work. Contrary to belief, it does not mean adding a fault to fix a fault, ultimately leaving the golfer in a worse position a couple of weeks down the line. Our team of TGA Coaches have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and fix your main ball flight mistakes within your first lesson. For some, this is enough! For most others, this merely inspires them to have a course of coaching and embark on a developmental course.

Development Courses


Every golfer has areas of their game they wish they could improve. On many occasions, these problem areas have been evident for years, with the player accepting their weaknesses that rob them of maximum enjoyment from the game. Your coach at Tramores Golf Academy by Michael Campbell realises that there is a solution to every problem! Sometimes it’s an easy fix; sometimes it takes a little work. The reality is that every problem can be corrected quite quickly with the right instruction and exercises.

A developmental course with Michael Campbell Golf Academy takes into account swing technique, physical ability, equipment optimisation and psychology. Each developmental course includes goal setting and consistent contact between player and coach in order to produce the desired results.

We offer everything from multiple whole-day intensive private improvement courses to longer-term game development/maintenance programmes. Please contact us to get on the right track with your game. 

Holiday Courses 

Our personalised coaching courses offer the perfect opportunity to include golf coaching in your holiday. We build coaching courses at your request to suit your length of stay, holiday schedule, golfing goals and budget, ensuring that you get exactly what you want from your golf coaching break.

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