the path to success

At TGA, we believe that the keys to success in athletes of all ages, not just juniors, is providing the player with a clear, detailed and accurate development plan within a fun, motivating atmosphere. Our comprehensive support systems have been constructed to provide young golfers, from beginner to expert level, with all the necessary knowledge, skills and coaching needed to maximise their golfing potential.


When it comes to the development of Junior golfers, we believe in:


  • Providing easy to follow instruction, allowing each player to play freely and developing their talent from within
  • Building a fun, motivating environment where each player wants to try as hard as possible
  • Working with parents to help them use the latest techniques to create the best environment for the physical and mental development of each junior, resulting in naturally confident, motivated and hard working young people
  • Approaching the learning process from technical, mental, physical and nutritional standpoints, ensuring a well rounded, healthy development from beginner to expert level, greatly reducing the risk of injury and burnout
  • Encouraging the development of good habits that will not only help their golf, but their lives in whatever they choose to do going into adulthood





  • Filling junior's heads with a ton of information, stopping them from developing their natural talent
  • Forcing our juniors to perform boring training and practice drills
  • Generic group coaching, where all players work on the same thing
  • Pushing juniors too hard, causing burnout and removing enjoyment from the game (this is the main reason talented juniors quit!)



Every saturday from 29/09 until 15/12 from 10.00 am to 11.00 am up to 12 years.

From 11.00 am to 12.00 am 13 years and over

4 to 6 students per froup


Hotel Villa Padierna