Performance Centre

optimising performance in all areas

The Performance Centre at Villa Padierna Michael Campbell Golf Academy is equipped with all the necessary tools to fit your clubs perfectly to your stature, swing and also to help you progress at the fastest rate possible. We are also equipped with State-Of-The-Art analysis and training tools such as Trackman, K-Vest, SAM PuttLab and BalanceLab to help you improve at a rate you've never achieved before!



Our instructors are all highly qualified and experienced club fitters and can perform any club repair or alteration. Our philosophy on club fitting and repairs goes way beyond standard static fitting (fitting clubs to stature) and dynamic fitting (fitting clubs to the player’s swing) for the following reasons:



Both have their benefits and drawbacks. We combine both to ensure the best result for the individual.

  • Static Fitting: Fits clubs to the player's stature but doesn’t take the player’s swing and physical capabilities into account. 
  • Dynamic Fitting: Fits clubs to the player’s existing swing. This is ok for a player who isn’t making technical improvements, but if a player is making changes to their swing it is often the case that their clubs, set up to their “old” swing, will not encourage the change. In short, the clubs may perform worse as the player’s swing improves.

All our club fitting and repairs go hand in hand with the player’s coaching programme, encouraging the correct movements in the swing rather than fitting the player’s clubs to his “old” swing. Everything is taken into account before any work is done, ensuring the correct result from every club fitting or repair.


We use a number of different types of technology such as Trackman, SAM PuttLab, SAM BalanceLab, K-Vest, Video Analysis and Neurofeedback. However, all of which we use to make the process of improvement easier and less complicated for the student...not more complicated as with the majority of tech users!

To avoid the common "paralysis by analysis" syndrome that often happens when using technology, the information is taken and filtered by the coach, leaving you, the player, with only the information you need in order to play your best golf.

Click here for more info on the technology we use in our performance centre.

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