The Programme

varying intensity levels

Our programme aims to build a great young golfing community, whilst simultaneously keeping each player's coaching individualised with their own targets, goals and development plan:

Whilst it is important to for us to create a great community of young golfers where they build friendships and enjoy practicing together, our programme is entirely results based and completely individualised for each student. Every Michael Campbell Certified Instructor is trained extensively to be able to optimise the results of each individual in all areas of their development. Also, our facilities allow us to take care of every requirement of the developing golfer.



Every Junior Academy member receives the following:

  • Unlimited range balls
  • Academy clothing
  • Monthly personalised goal setting
  • Monthly personalised golf/age specific physical screening
  • Golf/age/ability specific physical training
  • Training on the practice range, golf course and gym
  • 15% Discounted rates on all Callaway equipment!

Every Saturday

For children under 12, training start at 10.00 am to 11.00 am and from 11.00 am to 12.00 am for children over 12 years old


Training juniors up to expert level

  • Covers technical development in all areas of the game
  • Includes use of slow motion video analysis, Trackman, K-Vest, BalanceLab and SAM PuttLab
  • Personalised golf fitness sessions
  • Personalised goal setting sessions
  • On-course coaching covering shot making, course management and tournament preparation


Please contact us to enrol on the path to success!

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