The Package

The most comprehensive of its kind

The package and service we offer our aspiring Tour Professionals is complete and unrivalled. From the moment you arrive in Spain to the time you leave, we have everything covered. Our Elite Academy members will all receive the following as part of their packages:

  • Airport transfers to and from Malaga Airport
  • Luxury apartment accommodation on the Villa Padierna Golf Resort
  • Unlimited use of the Tramores course and its practice facilities
  • Use of the Alferini course every day
  • Unlimited balls on the driving range
  • Unlimited use of our academy gym overlooking the Tramores course
  • Academy clothing and accessories
  • Buggies to navigate the resort, practice and play golf in

Also, access to our team of expert coaches is included as follows:

  • Unlimited coaching
  • Sessions with Michael himself
  • Monthly personalised development plan for each player
  • Monthly physical screening with personalised gym training plan for each player
  • Nutrition planning for each player
  • Personal finance planning for each player
  • Assistance in sponsorship acquisition
  • Coaching in time management and other professional life skills


Coaching Experience


Our coaches realise that the performance and satisfaction of our students is the fastest route to our own success, and so understand the importance of 100% investment into every individual student for their benefit as well as ours.


At Michael Campbell Golf Academy, we never exceed 6 players to a coach, making ours one of the smallest player to coach ratio in any Golf College in the world.


Because of this, you will never see a group of players all doing the same thing, training in the same way, or even eating the same foods. Every element of a student’s training programme is optimised for them personally.




Teaching a swing "model" shows a lack of knowledge on the coaches part. Our MCGA coaches will never adhere to one swing model or theory. All our coaches have spent years studying the physics of impact and how the swings of individual players work. When you understand the physics of impact and the forces, torques and subconscious intervention of each player, you can teach any player any method and make it work. Therefore, when we coach our players technically, we will make adjustments only to positively influence the flight or roll of the ball and its consistency.


This results in all our players making consistent progress and understanding their own personal roadmap to success without the painful adjustment periods usually associated with intensive golf coaching. Because of this, we are able to breed more confident, motivated and engaged players.




Our in-depth physical screening process takes on far more detail than simply a functional test of the body. We take into account a player’s personal goals on and off the course, their sleep quality, hormone profile, overall workload (including their academics) and ability to recover. We then use this information to structure a periodised plan designed for maximum progress without ever risking burnout. We review every player’s plan on a weekly basis and optimise and adjust accordingly.




Golf psychology is generally associated with abstract focus techniques, pre-shot routines and general “on-course” mental ability. Just like our physical training, we go way deeper than this. The mental development of our players incorporates the technical, physical and nutritional as the foundation of a healthy mind. Factor in elements such as personal, financial and time management training and the player will be in the position to develop a very strong mentality that will serve them in golf, education and life. As with everything we do, this training will be one-on-one and confidential.




Most golf nutrition plans revolve around eating and drinking pre and post round to optimise energy, usually revolving around “complex carbs for slow release energy”. But what about the player who is insulin resistant? What about the player who is a little overweight who is training hard and wants to build strength whilst losing body fat? Our skilled coaches build nutrition plans for each player relative to their personal goals, energy and focus levels, ability to synthesise proteins and overall recovery to name but a few factors. Each student’s nutritional plan is built to support his or her individual goals.


External coaching


We understand the apprehension often associated with entering a new coaching environment. We also understand that many elite level players already have a great relationship with an existing coaching team. Rather than trying to replace their team, we integrate with them. Communicating via Edufii, our coaches regularly work with the coaches of the students who already have them and are happy with their progress. This system allows for open, ego-free communication that only benefits the player, and we have built many great relationships with exceptional coaches around the world because of this.


Michael Campbell


Perhaps the most exciting and unique part of all our programmes is the interaction with Michael himself. Only Michael Campbell Golf Academy has a system for elite level golfers to learn from a major champion on a regular basis. Michael’s insight to tour life, his experiences with the best players and coaches of all time and the sheer passion he has in giving this information to our students makes this “icing on the cake” an invaluable part of our coaching system.

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