We use Trackman to measure literally every element of your clubs interaction with the ball. We can use this data to optimise your swing and equipment to within 0.1 of a degree. Maximising your distance, understanding your swing, finding out how far each of your clubs go and learning how to optimise your distance, accuracy and consistency just got a whole lot easier!



We use K-Vest to measure the elements of your swing invisible to the high speed camera. Working on stability, kinematic sequence, movement planes and power generation is easily measurable with K-Vest.



Science and Motion PuttLab offers information about your putting stroke that is so detailed it will blow your mind! With this technology, our MCGA Coaches are able to quickly and clearly see the areas of your stroke mechanics that you need to improve, increasing accuracy and consistency quicker than ever before.



Need to work on shifting your weight correctly, seeing your ground force reaction (imperative for generating power) or ensuring a balanced, stable and consistent swing? Science and Motion BalanceLab gives instantaneous feedback in all these areas, allowing you to see in real time what is happening and allowing you to instantly make the right corrections.


Put all this together with our expert coaches and you have one of the most comprehensive facilities dedicated to improving and optimising performance in the world. Please click here to see our price list for more info on our services.

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