A tangible solution to a better mental game


Neurofeedback is an advanced science which has been proven to help people with severe psychological and neurological conditions such as autism, Schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression and Parkinson’s, as well as those suffering from the effects of chemotherapy and even physical brain trauma from injury and stroke.

In recent years, however, neurofeedback has also been shown to produce dramatic improvements in sports performance - especially in the ‘focus’ sports. Like golf.

It monitors your brain waves in realtime and alerts your brain when it is working inefficiently. It uses incredibly sophisticated software to interact with your central nervous system and provides aural feedback in the form of a short interruption to music which plays through a set of headphones. What this means for the golfer is improved focus, less stress and anxiety when under pressure and better natural reactions to adversity faced on the course.

Neurofeedback is 100% non-invasive and drug-free and has proven results. In a recent study by UCLA, neurofeedback helped experienced golfers hit 12% more greens in regulation and reduced putts needed by 9.7% per round.


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