Coaching Trips with Cambo!

Unique coaching trips with the man himself

Our week-long coaching trips with Michael take on a very unique spin, not just because you get the privilege of spending time learning directly from a major champion, but the fact you will get the opportunity to look at your golf game in a very different way.


Golf coaching trips generally revolve around the standard model of "hit balls on the range, hit chips, hit putts". During our week-long experiences, you will be part of a privileged group of players who will:


  • Receive detailed information on how your body performs during your swing, with exercises designed to quickly improve your swing and prevent and cure injuries.
  • Experience biomechanical analysis with the help of K-Vest
  • Check your balance, weight and pressure shift and how effectively you use the ground (a key proponent of an effective golf swing!) using ForcePlate technology
  • Optimise your equipment with Trackman and our expert club fitters
  • Analyse your putting stroke with SAM PuttLab
  • Busting common golfing myths
  • Power production - Learning the true factors of hitting it further!


Not only this, during the week you will be part of a unique and privileged group of golfers that will get to spend time with Michael Campbell himself. During these unforgettable week-long courses, you will get the chance to:


  • Have a 2 course lunch in a private luxury dining area with Michael. This opportunity serves as a fabulous chance to get your golfing questions answered personally by a man who went toe-to-toe with Tiger Woods and beat him in his prime at the 2005 US Open, so prepare your questions for this one!
  • Take part in exhibitions and masterclasses in all areas of the game from short game to psychology - Michael's stories about what he learned from Tiger, Phil and Seve around the greens are not to be missed!
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